sumi-e art|SUMI_e_MOTION 墨絵アーティスト 河村英之 アートプロジェクト【SUMI_e_MOTION】では、墨絵による広告、映像、舞台美術、ロゴデザイン、ライブドローイング、ワークショップを中心に活動しております。また、大切な人の好きなお花や誕生月のお花などを墨絵で描いたり、墨絵をベースにしたTシャツやスマホケースなどのアイテムの販売も行っております。

sumi-e workshop report_002

sumie workshop
Last month, I had a sumi-e workshop with a lady who was visiting from Peru.

sumie workshop

Her first time trying  sumi-e was so exited. 

sumie workshop

Because she likes Zen very much and was interested in ink painting.

Of course I also love Zen, so the conversation was very exciting. lol.

“Do you speak English well?”


sumie workshop



You said, “Do you speak English well?”

Oh, That’s a good question.

You don’t have to worry about that!!

Because Marilyn, she is my special interpreter, always supports me.
She is very kind and studying sumi-e, so you can ask anything.

What kind of flower do you like? 

Everyone can draw your original flower as you like.  

The most Important point of this workshop is that you have fun.

Come and join us!  Let’s experience Japanese traditional art!

I hope we can meet at JINGUMAE!

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sumi-e art|SUMI_e_MOTION

sumi-e art|SUMI_e_MOTION

“SUMIeMOTION” is SUMI-e art project by Hideyuki Kawamura, SUMI-e Artist. We are introducing our art works, which is merged with our traditional art of “SUMI-e” that was brought back with ZEN from China and developed in its own way in Japan and a welling of new “eMOTION”, from Chiba to all over the world.

Company Name SUMIeMOTION
Address Mutsuzawa machi Chousei gun Chiba Japan
Business hours 11:00~18:00
Closed weekends & holidays